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Duxford Radio Trust
Registered Charity No. 1169780

Imperial War Museums, Duxford, England 

Preserving military communications history

The Duxford Radio Trust and The Duxford Radio Society provide the Volunteer Radio Section at Imperial War Museums, Duxford
Updated 31 January 2017

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The Duxford Radio Trust

The Duxford Radio Trust (DRT) is a historical-technical volunteer organisation which provides the function of the Radio Section at the Imperial War Museums, Duxford, Cambridge, England.  DRT is a registered Charity No. 1169780. 

The primary mission and purpose of DRT is to research, collect, conserve, restore, exhibit and display historic radio communications equipment used in military conflict and civil emergencies for the education of the public as part of support to the Imperial War Museums, Duxford.

DRT and its volunteers own a majority of the radio, radar and navigation artifacts on public display at IWM Duxford.

DRT also provides specialist technical support services to the Imperial War Museums and other similar charities in the fields of military radio communication, navigation and radar.

The radio communication exhibition and display areas are located in Duxford Buildings 177 and 178 which are positioned between Hangar 5 and the American Air Museum, and adjacent to the Gibraltar gun.

The Duxford Radio Society

The Duxford Radio Society (DRS) supports DRT and The Imperial War Museums by the operation of the permanent exhibition radio station GB2IWM, and in the area of membership and supporter services etc.

The original Duxford Airfield Radio Society was founded in 1985 by Major John Brown, designer of the WW2 Type B MK II (B2) suitcase radio transmitter-receiver and many other equipment used by Agents and Resistance Groups.  He was later joined by Richard Pope who took over leadership of DRS from 1992 to 2017.  

The IWM Duxford Radio Section in Buildings 177 & 178 is open every Sunday from approximately 10.00 am to 4.00 pm and also on most days of the week (except Saturdays) when volunteers are present on site to staff the buildings and to supervise the working equipment exhibits.  Other opening times are by prior arrangement, contact: The Duxford Radio Society, Building 178, The Imperial War Museums, Duxford, Cambridge, CB22 4QR.

DRS operates the Radio Station call sign GB2IWM, to demonstrate radio communications in action world-wide, using both modern and vintage military equipment on many days of the week from Duxford  Building 177.  It should be stressed that The Duxford Radio Society is not an Amateur Radio club.  

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