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DRS Needs More Volunteers

Updated 15-01-2011

Historic Wireless Conservation, Restoration and Display Opportunities at IWM Duxford

The Opportunity:

The Duxford Radio Society is seeking to attract new members to work on the conservation of historic communications equipment and to operate the Radio Station GB2IWM at Duxford.

The Imperial War Museum at Duxford, Cambridgeshire is well known across East Anglia for its spectacular flying displays, but there is always a significant amount of other conservation and restoration work going on behind the scenes.

The Duxford Radio Society (DRS) is a volunteer association whose members research, conserve, restore, display and operate historic military radio equipment (and equipment used in civil conflict) at the Imperial War Museum (IWM), Duxford, Cambridge, England.  It provides the function of the IWM Radio Section on the Duxford Airfield site.  DRS also operates the UK Amateur Radio Station, call sign GB2IWM, from Duxford airfield on a regular basis, using modern and vintage equipment.

A variety of practical conservation and research projects are available, ranging from complete mobile radar stations, a replica of the Wireless Operators station of a Lancaster bomber, to the restoration and display of individual military wireless sets such as WS12, R1116, T1131, BC-640 etc.

Applications for membership of DRS are welcomed from those actively interested in the subject of military wireless communications, radio navigation and radar, and who wish to positively contribute to the conservation, operation and display of such equipment.

DRS particularly seeks those who are competent to safely work on high voltage thermionic valve (tube) technology electronic equipment, especially those who worked on similar electronic equipment in the Armed Services or in radio communications companies such as Ekco, Pye, Marconi, Murphy, STC etc.

DRS also seeks licensed Radio Amateurs who are interested in operating vintage military radio equipment to demonstrate to the public, and who can commit to operating the radio station GB2IWM at Duxford on a regular basis.

It should be stressed that the Society is not a conventional 'radio club' and that the primary purpose is the conservation, exhibition and display to the public of historic radio equipment used in military and civil conflict.

Classes of Membership for DAS and DRS

Working Members:

'Working Members' are those who are able to make a minimum of 12 working visits to Duxford each year to work on the various approved project activities and who are prepared to join the Duxford Radio Society and formally  register as a volunteer at Duxford.

The benefits of working membership include:

Opportunity to join with other enthusiasts in the research, conservation, restoration, operation and display of historic military radio communications equipment.

Opportunity to operate the DRS Amateur Radio station GB2IWM using modern and vintage equipment.

Unlimited free access to the IWM Duxford during each membership year.

Free access to Duxford air shows.

Discounts on retail purchases at Duxford.

Entry to special interest days events at 20% discount

Associate Members:

'Associate Members' are those who are interested in the subject of military communications, but who are unable to commit to the necessary time and travel to become a working member, and who join only the Duxford Radio Society.

How to Join

For details of how to become a DRS/IWM working volunteer at IWM Duxford, contact:

The Volunteer Co-ordinator, The Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4QR, England, Tel.01223 835000
IWM e-mail: nhughes@iwm.org.uk

For details of how to become an associate member of DRS contact:

The Secretary, Duxford Radio Society, c/o The Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4QR, England.

DRS Secretary e-mail: secretary@duxfordradiosociety.org
DRS Webmaster: contact1@duxfordradiosociety.org

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