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Radio Station GB2IWM

DRS operates the IWM Duxford Radio Station, call signs GB2IWM & G0PZJ, using modern and vintage radio equipment.
Last updated 28-10-2014

GB2IWM at IWM Duxford QSL card
GB2IWM is in regular contact with veterans of the UK Armed Forces and its military partners, many of whom originally operated the radio communications equipment which today is regarded as "vintage wireless".

Duxford Radio Station GB2IWM
                        log-periodic antenna by Building 177

Building 177, located between Hangar 5 and the Gibralta Gun, houses the transmitting and
 receiving station GB2IWM

A fixed display of military radio equipment
is also located in this building
Equipment available
for frequency bands 1.8 - 30 MHz

Kenwood TS570DG
Transceiver, 100W PEP

Kenwood TS520
Transceiver, 100W PEP

Collins KWM2A
Transceiver + 30L-1 linear, up to 400W PEP

T1154M/R1155L, (this station is configured as used in a WWII RAF Air-Sea Rescue Launch)

B2 MK3, WWII "Spy Suitcase Set"

Wireless Sets No. 19 MKII USA

Cushcraft ASL2010 log-period for the bands 20m - 10 metres at approx 50 feet AGL

G5RV horizontal wire for 80 - 40 meters at 30 feet AGL

For details of GB2IWM communications schedules, go to Schedules & Operators under the Radio Station section of the menu bar

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Main HF and VHF operating position of GB2IWM
GB2IWM equipment

The operating positions of GB2IWM showing some of the equipment available.

To the left is the modern equipment and to the right is the wartime T1154/R1155 marine Air-Sea Rescue station and the Wireless Sets No. 19 mobile station.

Other modern and vintage radio equipments, both military and commercial, are  available for use when appropriate.

GB2IWM equipment view2

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Vintage HF equipment at GB2IWM
GB2IWM Vintage HF operating position

A view which shows the vintage radio equipment available for the HF bands in Building 177 before the current refurbishment began.

The T1154/R1155 Marine/Ground station is fully operational running from mains power supplies and works into a long wire aerial.

The Wireless Sets No. 19 USA MKII is adjacent and operates from a float charged 12 Volt battery.

The vintage equipment in the radio station can be put on the air for QSOs by request, and other equipments located in Building 178, such as WS19 MKIII, WS62, WS C12, B2 etc. can be run up by prior arrangement.

 Close-up view of T1154/R1155 station

 Close-up view of Wireless Sets No. 19 MKII station

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Other Vintage HF equipment of GB2IWM
B2 Suitcase
                              spy set

The famous B2 spy transmitter-receiver in a suitcase, as used by the Agents of  SOE during WWII.

The designer of the B2 set was the late John Brown, G3EUR, who was also the co-founder of the Duxford Radio Society.

This B2 set, serial no. 90489, is fully operational and is regularly demonstrated at special events. 

The station can also be put on the air for QSOs by prior arrangement.

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