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APS-13 Tail warning radar front

RT-34/APS-13 Tail Warning Radar (USA)

The RT-34/APS-13 is a low power UHF tail warning radar transmitter/receiver which was used in Allied aeroplanes such as the P51 Mustang and also the
P-38L, P-47D, P-61, P-63, P-82D in the later stages of the war.

The equipment operates at 420 MHz with a receiver IF of 30 MHz and is powered by an internal rotary generator which is supplied from the aircraft 27V dc system.

The electro-mechanical construction is all aluminium, and the equipment uses all miniature glass valves except for the voltage stabiliser which is a VR105V (0C3).  The PA is two 6J6s.

A modified APS-13 was employed as a radar fuse for the ‘LittleBoy’ atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
This APS-13 equipment was manufactured by RCA, Camden, New Jersey, USA under a 1944 contract number 13711:CRV 458-DAY-44.

This equipment example is in excellent condition and appears to be complete mechanically and almost complete electrically except for one component.
This equipment has been cleaned and repaired and is now functioning, except that it is missing one large wire-wound resistor.

It is expected that with time, this equipment will be returned to complete working order.  

APS-13 inside top view
APS-13 underside view
APS-13 system components 1
APS-13 system components 2
APS-13 sectional plan view of tail fin with antenna
APS-13 cockpit installation

Colour photographs of the APS-13 control panel in the cockpit of a P51D Mustang can be found at the following web site:

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