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Conserved Equipment Details


Receiver Type Ukw.E.d1.

Receiver Ukw.E.d1

Receiver Type Ukw.E.d1. (Germany)

The German HF receiver type Ukw.E.d1 was a component of Wireless Station No. Fu.3 and Fu.7 in the German Army, and was used by signal troops and armoured troops for air-ground co-operation.  It would have been used in conjunction with transmitter type 20 W.S.d

The receiver covers a frequency range of 42.1 - 47.8 MHz and uses 9 side-pin valves type RV12P2000.

The internal construction is very advanced for its time, using a system of aluminium alloy die castings to contain and screen the circuits.  The valves are plugged directly into the screening sections of the castings with their bases flush with the top surface.

This equipment unit has the serial number Nr 2932 43. More info on this example to follow
The radio unit was donated to DRS by The Fighter Collection, who are based at Duxford Airfield.

The equipment required only light mechanical conservation in the form of general cleaning, and the provision of a complete set of valves.

The equipment is now in working order.
Inside view casting 1
Inside view casting 2
Inside view casting 3
Inside view casting valves 1
Inside view casting valves 2
Closeup valve bases

Front panel closeup
This equipment is not fitted with a panel meter.

It is understood that this is due to component shortages during the war.

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