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British Army Wireless Sets No. 62 MKII

British Army Wireless Sets No. 62

British Army Wireless Sets No. 62 MKII

Wireless Sets No. 62 was a low power short range vehicle station HF transmitter & receiver.  It was intended as a lighter and water proof replacement for Wireless Set No. 22 MKI, which had been in service since 1942.  The frequency range is 1.6 to 10.0 MHz.

Designed and produced by Pye Ltd in Cambridge, WS 62 had a long service life, being first trialled early in 1944, with production running from late 1944 to 1966.

The equipment was of mainly aluminium construction, was water resistant, semi-tropicalised and will float.  It weighs approximately 30lbs, and was used as a vehicle mounted mobile station, a man-pack set and as an animal-pack set in both Europe and the Far East.

The transmitter power output was approximately 1 Watt into a vertical rod or long wire antenna.  The equipment was powered by a miniature rotary transformer mounted inside the case and supplied from external 12 Volt batteries.

A separate unit, Crystal Calibrator No. 10, was used as a frequency setting aid.

This individual WS 62 MKII is in near as-new condition and does not appear to have seen active service duty.   At some stage it has had its aluminium handles painted to match the front panel.  The original serial number plate has been replaced with a Nato label giving the service type as Z1/5820-99-911-0844.

The unit contains original components dated March 1945 and carries serial number 08187, which appears to place its manufacture in the production batch of 10,940 MKII equipments which were due for delivery between June - October 1945.  Royal Signals figures indicate that only 7350 WS62 units were made during the actual War-time period.

Comparison with another 1945 dated unit from the same batch reveals them to be nearly identical.
It was donated to DRS by the Royal Engineers Museum, Chattenden Barracks, Kent when the museum at that establishment closed.

Due to the excellent condition of this equipment when received, conservation work has been limited to general cleaning, and also replacement of a faulty rotary converter.

The equipment is currently in full working condition, and is displayed with matching morse key & plug assy No. 19, stores ref  ZA28656 and Microphone & Receiver Headgear Assembly No. 17, ZA8384.
WS62 Front
WS62 Underside
WS62 Inside rear
WS62 Inside front

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