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Radio Conservation & Restoration Definitions

Conservation, restoration and display to the public of military & related radio equipment
is the primary purpose of DRS.

I.W.M. Duxford Definitions of Conservation & Restoration


To conserve an equipment or aircraft is to maintain it in its present state, and as far as possible to prevent future deterioration.

Conservation is about protecting the item and its environment, but does not aim to make the item complete or original again.


To restore an equipment or aircraft is to return it to a complete, historically accurate condition using original parts where ever possible.

Restoration involves repairing both the external structures of the item and its internal systems.

Restored items do not necessarily look "brand new", because they represent only one stage in the items overall life.

 DRS Equipment Classification 

 Based on the above definitions, equipment in the care of DRS can be listed in four categories:
  • Conserved Equipment - Items which have been cleaned, repaired and preserved, and are maintained in the condition received.
  • Restored Equipment - Items which have received major mechanical and/or electrical overhaul and refurbishment.
  • Work-in-Progress - Items which are currently being conserved, restored, repaired or maintained etc
  • Equipment Waiting Attention - Items which have been designated for future conservation/restoration work.

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