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"B2" British SOE Transmitter Receiver Type 3 MKII

 SOE B2 in Agents suitcase
The classic "B2" suitcase set as used by British SOE Agents in the field
B2 in waterproof parachute drop cases 
The "B2" station in waterproof parachute drop containers type G & H  as supplied to  Resistance Groups

"B2" British SOE Type 3 MKII (1942)

The Special Operations Executive (SOE) portable transmitter receiver station Type 3 MKII was designed for radio communications by British Agents and Resistance Groups in German occupied Europe over distances of 800km or greater.

It was designed by Major John Brown (who was also the founder of the Duxford Radio Society) as a replacement for the previous model suitcase set, the Type 3 MKI equipment.

The Type3 MKII (commonly called the Type B2) was one of a long line of covert radio sets designed during World War II.

The B2 station is modular, and consists of the receiver, transmitter, power supply unit and spares box.  The miniature Morse key could be screwed to the lid of the spares box.

The modules are all constructed of thin sheet steel and the front panels finished in black crackle paint with brass lettering.

Technical details to follow.
The  B2 equipment pictured above in the parachute drop cases has components dated 1943 and carries station serial number 78127.

However the serial numbers as printed on the outsides of the equipment are believed to have been "inflated" to make it appear that the number of equipments (and Agents) in the field was larger than the real situation.

Consequently, the individual serial numbers found inside the modules (written in pencil, along with other batch numbers, initials and inspection stamps) shows the receiver of this station to be serial number 4607 and the transmitter serial number 6006.
Due to the excellent condition of the B2 equipment shown in the waterproof drop cases, conservation has been limited to cleaning with plain water and drying only.  The waterproof oil-seals on the lids had remained intact (and oily) since the previous owner acquired the equipment circa 1949. 

The equipment is complete with all plug-in coils, dc power lead, Morse key, and other tools and spares.

B2 parachute drop cases type G & H 
B2 waterproof parachute cases 
B2 Parachute drop cases G & H
B2 cases showing the serial numbers
B2 station in cases G & H open 
B2 PSU module with case removed 
B2 station with covers removed
B2 power supply module
B2 receiver module 
B2 receiver module with case removed 
B2 receiver module
B2 receiver module with covers removed

B2 transmitter module 
B2 TX module with case removed 
B2 transmitter module
TX module with covers removed

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