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Equipment Summary


Replica of the Lancaster Wireless Operators Crew Position

Replica Lancaster Wireless Operators position
Replica of Wireless Operators Crew Position
Wireless Operators position in IWM Lancaster
Wireless Operators Position in IWM Duxford Lancaster

Lancaster Wireless Operators Position (UK)

This exhibit is a complete replica of the section of the Lancaster bomber fuselage which contains the Wireless Operators crew position.

While the framework is constructed from modern materials, ALL of the equipment and fittings are original WWII issue (the
DeHavilland seat shown is not original Lancaster equipment).

The station consists of the following equipment units:-

Transmitter T1154B                                    S/N                37289
Receiver R1155E                                         S/N                74659
Amplifier A1134
Switch Type J
IFF control panel                                        S/N                38879
Indicator  Unit Type 184 (missing)          S/N                9113
Intercom Panel 192
A/C Clock
Loop Aerial Type 3                                    S/N                14926
Ae winch Type 5 + spool+ weights
R1335 Gee Receiver
Gee Indicator unit Type 62A                    S/N                 42590
Rotaries 33 + 35                                          S/N                41018
PSU Type 17
Accumulators 2 volt (2)
Spare valve box
Artificial Aerial type 21                             S/N                 A195
Test Set 65
Ground Power supplies for R1155/T1154
Power supply and convertor for Gee
Transit case for T1154 containing spares
"Growler" for testing rotaries
PSU / magslip driver for Fishpond
Mains 2, 12 &24 volt psu
Transit case for R1155 containing spares
This complete replica of part of the interior of the Lancaster fuselage was constructed by a DRS member.

For the last 8 years it was a major exhibit in the Radar & Communications Museum section at Bletchley Park.

It includes the T1154/R1155 communications system with  Direction Finding loop antenna, all powered by ground station power supply units, the Gee navigation system and power supplies, the H2S display unit, plus varios other fitments.

This complete exhibit of equipment was donated to DRS by the original constructor, who is a DRS member.

The refurbishment of this complete wireless operators station will involve refixing and strengthening parts of the outer framework and the construction of a new wooden base frame to carry the complete exhibit.

Each of the individual radio and radar sub-modules will receive  conservation treatment, and where practicable, be returned to working condition.


During 2005/2006, and on a temporary basis, a number of items from this exhibit are being used as models and templates in the creation of a larger scale replica of the Lancaster Wireless Operator and Navigators position for the IWM.  When complete the IWM replica will be displayed in the new Airspace Hangar, adjacent to the Lancaster aircraft.

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