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Reception Set UHF Special MKII

Reception Set UHF Special

Reception Set UHF Special MKII (UK)

Reception Set UHF Special is an early VHF/UHF receiver covering 27 - 130 MHz in 5 ranges, which was used by the British Army as a ground or vehicle based interception receiver from about 1941 to about 1944.

The receiver is a conventional single conversion superhet with an IF of 5 MHz, and uses 95x series acorn valves in the RF section and standard octal based valves in the IF, AF and PSU sections.  The construction is of two separate chassis (one for the RF and one for the IF/AF/PSU), which are bolted into a heavy steel frame cabinet with top and bottom lids.   The equipment is finished in green wrinkle paint to the cabinet and gloss green to the front panel (estimated as Brooklands Green).

The equipment was designed and produced by Radio Acoustical Products Ltd, who also designed the DST1000 receiver.  This has a similar construction.

It appears to have been replaced by the R308 later in the war.
This equipment carries serial number 78, and is complete but is un-tested.  At some stage in the past it appears to have been serviced with components dated 1948 and 1950.  The condition is good, with no significant damage and no modifications.  Several wires and solder joints require attention.

The equipment uses close fitting (conformal) 2-piece valve screens which are pressed to the shape of the octal valves used.
The equipment was donated to DRS by member Mr. D. Delanoy.

First stage conservation work of dust removal and cleaning with water has been applied.

The paint finish to the cabinet has been stabilised by a light application of oil.  

RX UHF Special inside
RX UHF Special underside
RX UHF Special - underside IF/AF section
RX UHF Special - Valve screening covers
RX UHF Special inside top view
RX UHF Special dial chart

RX UHF Special - RF section

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