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Receiver Type R1082

R1082 front

Receiver Type R1082 (UK)

The R1082 was a general purpose airborne HF receiver used by the Royal Air Force together with companion transmitter T1083, from the mid 1930s until the early 1940s, prior to the introduction of the R1155 receiver and T1155.

It was also used in the RAF Air-Sea Rescue Launches.

The TRF receiver had a total of 6 valves and used 14 plug-in coils to cover the frequency bands 111 - 500 KHz and 3 - 15 MHz in four ranges.

The receiver is constructed on a metal front panel to which all the circuits are mounted,  The receiver case is of wood.

The equipment was powered from a 120 Volt dc generator and a 2 Volt Accumulator.

The T1083/R1082 provided RT and CW communications plus an intercom facility for crew members.

A locally manufactured version of this receiver was used by the Royal Australian Air Force, designated Type AR14.

The equipment was also used by the Canadian Air Force.

This R1082 has a unit Serial No. 8667, Ref No. 10A/8415

Details to follow
Details of the restoration process to follow.

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