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Equipment Summary


Receiver R1116A

R1116 front panel before restoration

Receiver R1116A from Swordfish Aircraft (UK)

The R1116A general purpose aeroplane receiver dates from the late 1930s and early 1940s and
was used with the companion T1115 transmitter, fitted to the Fairy Swordfish aircraft.

The R1116A receiver is a double-superhet with a very comprehensive frequency range for its time, covering 142 to 1600 kc/s and 2 Mc/s to 20 Mc/s, and providing direction finding facilities in addition to the usual RT and CW communication.

It is an 8 valve receiver designed to operate from battery supplies of 2 volts, 10.5 volts and 120 volts.

The electro-mechanical construction is all aluminium, and the equipment is notable for using permeability tuning (as opposed to variable capacity tuning).

It is believed that this equipment type may have also been fitted to some British Sunderland Flying boats.
Front view of the R1116A receiver showing the condition of the panel as received, without control knobs, but after a light clean.

There is some corrosion of the front panel, chassis and  wrapper, and heavy corrosion to the frequency dials.

This equipment example appears to be complete electrically, and almost complete mechanically, except for the bottom cover and the DF aerial socket.  However, some small differences have been noted between this equipment and the official technical publication AP1186 Vol. 1 Section 3, Chapter 8.
The restoration process will include general cleaning, removal of corrosion, stripping and respraying the front panel and wrapper, and re-lettering the front panel engraving, etc.

A thin aluminium panel engraved with the frequency range information which supports the two frequency dial cursors is in poor condition, and may have to be re-manufactured and re-engraved.

It is hoped that with time and using parts from other chassis, this equipment will be restored and returned to working order.  

R1116 front side view
R1116 side view

R1116 with valves and IF modules removed
R1116 underside

The R1116A receiver chassis with its wrapper and top cover removed, showing the all-enclosing aluminium valve screens and the cardboard covered 10.5 volt grid-bias battery .  The control knobs are fixed in the correct positions in these two photographs.
Top side and underside views of the R1116A receiver showing the chassis with the valves and plug-in IF modules removed, and the underside wiring.

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