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Reception Set R308

Reception Set R308 after restoration

R308 after full mechanical restoration

Reception Set R308 (UK)

Reception set R308 is a VHF receiver covering 20 - 145 MHz in 5 switched ranges and was used by the British Army as a ground or vehicle based interception receiver from 1943 onwards.

The design appears to be based on the mechanical construction of the HF receiver R107, and is mounted in the same case.  The equipment can be powered from AC mains or 12 Volts DC and is fitted with a front panel loudspeaker.

The R308 replaced the earlier Reception Set UHF Special MKII, and in turn was later replaced by the R216 in the early 1950s.
R308 before restoration

R308 before restoration
This Reception Set R308 stores ref. ZA 14780, Serial No. 190, manufactured by Kolster Brandes, has been restored to working condition by a DRS member.  See restoration report below.

The equipment was mechanically dismantled, the outer surfaces stripped, re-painted and re-lettered.  Various damage controls were repaired  and other mechanical repairs effected.

After removing all valves and connectors, and cleaning the  pins, the various switch contacts were cleaned and treated with switch cleaning fluid. All linkages and other moving parts were suitably lubricated.

After electrical re-alignment and soak testing the equipment is now in full working order.

Download the R308 Restoration Report as a "Word" file

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