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Equipment Summary


TR3174 Eureka

TR3174 Eureka Beacon

TR3174 Eureka MKII  with PSU 254A (UK)

Eureka & Rebecca formed a system of ground based beacons and airborne direction finding equipment designed initially to assist the air-drop delivery of supplies to the Army or Resistance groups in occupied Europe.

Eureka was the ground based beacon and Rebecca the airborne station.

The ground based beacon was a super-regenerative receiver and transmitter operating  in the frequency range 214 - 234 MHz, powered from a battery via a vibrator power supply unit. A portable tripod mounted aerial was erected when communications was required.

The system was initially designed by TRE, and manufactured by Murphy and Cossor. A number of different versions of Eureka were designed and manufactured in both the UK and the USA.

Details of the Rebecca Display Unit, Indicator Unit No. 96, will be listed separately under its own type number.

This Eureka Beacon is a MKII from the middle war period and carries Serial No. 354, Ref No. 10DB/916.

The Power Unit Type 254 is Serial No. M778, Ref No. 10KB/577

The ground mounted aerial unit will be assembled outdoors and photographed one day!

Both the transmitter/receiver unit and the power supply have undergone complete mechanical restoration, including re-spraying and re-lettering of the front panels.

The equipment is now in working condition.

TR3174 inside rear view
TR3174 inside top view
TR3174 underside view
TR3174 underside end view
TR3174 inside top front
TR3174 closeup top view end

TR3174 PSU No. 254A side view 1
TR3174 PSU No. 254A side view 2

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