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Wireless Sets No. 19 MKII USA

Wireless Set No 19 MKII USA

Wireless Sets No. 19 MKII USA

An example of a USA manufactured, Canadian version of the famous British Army Wireless Sets No. 19.

WS 19 was a system of local and/or remotely controlled radio units and control boxes, originally designed to provide medium range HF communications and intercom facilities plus short range UHF communications for the crew of armoured fighting vehicles.   It was designed by Pye Ltd in Cambridge, England in 1940.

The design was subsequently found to be sufficiently versatile to be used in a wide variety of vehicles and ground applications, and was manufactured in the UK, Canada and USA.

Royal Signals figures show that a total of 115,000 units were made during the War.  The total service life of this equipment series was from 1941 to the early 1960s.

This individual WS19 MKII (USA) carries the serial number 10863 and was manufactured by RCA in 1942.  

It is displayed with a Supply Unit No1. serial number 5282, manufactured in 1944, Aerial Variometer, Control Unit No.2, and Morse Key & Plug Assy No. 9 CDN.

The station is temporarily mounted on a wood base-board for demonstration purposes,
along with antenna bases for the A set and B sets.
The radio unit was donated to DRS by a member of the public and is in excellent condition, having been dry stored for 25 years.

The radio unit has received light mechanical restoration, in the form of cleaning and respraying the case.  One electrical repair was necessary, and the meter was changed. The equipment is now in full working order.

The PSU was donated by another source, and has also been resprayed to match.  The PSU required a replacement rotary converter to make it operational.

WS19MKII USA front
WS19MKII USA inside top

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