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Examples of Conserved & Restored Equipment

Conservation, restoration and display to the public of military & related Radio, Navigation
and Radar equipment is the primary purpose of DRS.

Equipment Categories
  • Conserved Equipment - Items which have been cleaned, repaired and preserved, and are broadly maintained in their present condition
  • Restored Equipment - Items which have received major mechanical and/or electrical overhaul and refurbishment.  This may involve re-painting
  • Work-in-Progress - Items which are currently being conserved, restored, repaired or maintained etc
  • Equipment Waiting Attention - Items which have been designated for future conservation/restoration work.

Examples of Restored Radio Equipment
These have been given significant mechanical and/or electrical refurbishment
Reception Set CR100 (UK)
HRO Receiver  (USA)
Utility Broadcast Receiver (UK)
Wireless Sets No. 46 (UK)
HRO Receiver  (USA)
Receiver R1132 (UK)
Reception Set B28 (UK)
Transmitter Type 5G (UK)
Receiver AR88D (USA)
Receiver R1155A (UK)
Monitor Crystal Type 2 (UK)
Receiver R1392D & PSU (UK)
Transmitter T1154M (UK)
Reception Set R208 (UK)
R1355 Gee Airborne Receiver (UK)
T1154M/R1155N Marine Type 20 (UK)
Receiver Type R1082 (UK)
Gee Airborne Indicator Type 62A (UK)
D.F. Loop Type 4 for R1155 (UK)
Beacon Transmitter Type T3180 (UK)
Reception Set R308 (UK)
Reception Set R103
TR 3174 Eureka (UK)
Receiver R-274B/FRR SP600 Super Pro (USA)

Rebecca Indicator Unit Type 96 (UK)
Gee Navigation Trainer Type 48

etc. etc

More equipment details to follow

Examples of Conserved Radio Equipment
Equipments which have been cleaned, repaired and/or maintained, in order to preserve them in a reasonable condition
Wavemeter Test Set Type 98 (UK) TN-2B/APR-1 Airborne ECM RX  (USA)
Test Set No. 74  for IFF Receivers (UK)
Crystal Calibrated Wavemeter TE149 (Can)
Wireless Set No. 62 MKII (UK)
TCS-6 Transmitter (USA)
Communications Receiver Type PCR (UK)
Test Set Type 210 Gee System (UK)
TCS-12 Receiver (USA)
AC PSU For Receiver Type PCR (UK)
RT-34/APS13 Tail Warning Radar (USA)
Command Receiver CBY-46106 (USA)
FuG 217R Neptun R2 Tail Warning  (Ger)
RA1-B Airborne Receiver (USA)
Command Transmitter CBY-52209 (USA)
BC221-AF Frequency Meter (USA)
Reception Set R107 MKI (UK)
Wireless Set No. 18 (UK)
Wavemeter W1191 (UK)
Morse Training Set WT MKIII (UK)
Wireless Set C12 (UK)
Indicator Unit 184A PPI Display (UK)
Wireless Sets No.19 MKIII (Can)
Reception Set R216
Reception Set R209 (UK)
Wireless Sets No. 19 MKII (USA)
Receiver R1155A (UK)
Receiver Type Ukw.E.d1. (Ger)
D.F. Test Set Type 65 for R1155 (UK)
Radio Receiver BC-639-A (USA) [R5032A]
BC-778-E Emergency Beancon  Transmitter

"B2" British SOE TX/RX Type 3 MKII
Transmitter BC-640 (USA)
Reception Set UHF Special MKII (UK) DRS Replica of Avro Lancaster W. Ops station

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Equipment which is currently receiving attention: cleaning/conservation/restoration/maintenance work etc
Thomas-Tilling/Lister Diesel Generator (UK)
AR88 various duplicates being evaluated to select the best sets
RT-5A/APS-4 Airborne Radar TX/RX (USA)
Radar AA No.3 MK7 (UK) BC-348
R1475 & PSU type 360 (UK)
IWM Replica of Avro Lancaster Wireless Operator & Navigators station (UK) ZC1 MKII Transmitter-Receiver (New Zealand)
Hallicrafters VHF Receiver S27 (several to make one good set)

CR100/B28 quantity 9 sets being evaluated to select the best 4
R1155 quantity 4 in regular use, and receive regular maintenance

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More equipment details to follow

Examples of Equipment Waiting for Attention
Equipment waiting cleaning/conservation/restoration/maintenance work etc
Receiver R1116 (UK) three sets to make one or two good ones
Over 100 equipments are waiting for conservation/restoration

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More equipment details to follow

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